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After an education in dance, I first approached yoga in 2011, fell deeply in love and never left it since. I regularly attended different styles until I became Karma Hostess (studio assistant) in 2018, in a Vinyasa yoga establishment. Two years later I successfully graduated on the 500 hours yoga teacher based in Hatha Vyniasa and specialized in Yin and Nidra.


I graduated at the University with a master's degree in Architectural Engineering. Design has always been a big passion for me and I worked in the field for several years in different departments and countries. From architecture, to interior design, through fashion, all the way to art.


I have always been concerned about sustainability and pollution and I take quite seriously the issue of reducing my carbon footprint. I love our beautiful planet and I feel a strong connection to the nature and its creatures. I believe we all have a responsibility we need to honor towards each other and the Universe.

Plant Based

My will to protect the planet and my own health pushed me to start a plant based diet and journey few years ago. It is an everyday choice and an ongoing process that has changed my life and mindset. I respect every food choice, but I would definitely recommend to give it a try and integrate this practice in the daily habits.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga method that includes postures (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama), Meditation, Chanting and hand gestures (Mudra). The emphasis in Hatha Yoga is on balancing body, energy and mind.


The physical yoga practice is traditionally used as a purification and preparation for meditation. Asanas are mastered to train the body to be able to stay still for longer periods of time during meditation. There are many yoga meditation techniques that one can learn and a variety of choices for everyone’s level is offered.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and fun flow class designed to strengthen the body and the mind. Vinyasa means 'connection of movement and breath'. Through the use of creative sequences, you build up to prepare for more advanced postures.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra translates to sleep meditation and is a practice of conscious relaxation designed to release held tension in our body, mind and energy field. The practice of Yoga Nidra guides students into a state of deep relaxation, by progressively relaxing and releasing tension from each part of the body. This helps us to feel more open inside and is a great way to reverse the impact of stress.

Yin Yoga

In a Yin Yoga class postures are held for 3-5 minutes. While the muscles are relaxed, the connective tissue in the body is stimulated by the specific poses. Yin Yoga combines the knowledge of Hatha Yoga with Chinese Medicine's meridians, Taoist philosophy and Buddhist meditation techniques. Yin Yoga has a positive effect on the organs, immune system, muscles and joints.


Pranayama offers a set of simple breathing techniques which help to cleanse and stabilize body and mind. With a regular Pranayama practice, more vital energy is made available for the body and mind. The breath begins to flow more freely, providing access to deeper states of meditation. The digestive system and lungs are stimulated and cleansed, the mind becomes clear and calm, the nervous system strengthens. You feel vital, awake and content as your body's energy system is balanced.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga uses props, like blocks and bolsters, to support you in different postures and help the body to relax and let go completely. The class is calm, grounding and restoring. It is highly suitable if you are healing from an injury, dealing with stress or burnout or want to relax deeply.

Pre/Post-natal Yoga

Centering meditations, pranayama flows and modified/held yoga poses adjusted for each moment of the mother's body during this special time. Increases flexibility, strength and tone. Creates a peaceful atmosphere. Strengthens the sacred bond between mother and child at such a sacred time to connect and be present. Establishes a motherhood community through mind/body awareness.

Yin Yang Yoga

A Yin Yang Yoga class is designed to combine the benefits of a dynamic and fun flow and a deep still practice. The first half of the lesson is based on Hatha Vinyasa sequences and the second one is a proper Yin practice, sometimes ending with Nidra relaxation techniques. This is a great way to stimulate both sides of our body, mind and spirit, and achieve a whole balance.

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